Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Tribute to Lynn

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! My father, Lynn, turns 67 today! For those that know him, you probably can't believe that he is that age, as he looks terrific and is extremely active. He is always on the go and doing something fun. He is a complete work-a-holic, but since finally deciding to retire in a couple years...he has been taking some time away from the office to travel with my mother and do things that he enjoys doing.

He spends the majority of his free time volunteering within Peoria. He served as President of his rotary club about 6 years ago, and has since never stopped leading some big fundraiser or cause for the organization. He also serves on the board of the Children's Home of Peoria, and has just finished leading a huge fundraiser for them...raising millions of dollars. In addition, he is active in the Scottish Rite, and serves on the board of his church. All of these organizations are lucky to have him, and since he is so good at raising money, that is usually where they ask him to help.

As I said before though, he has been getting away more and more the past couple of years. Between his hunting in the winter, and his golf in the summer...he still tries to get away at least one long weekend (if not longer) a month. The births of his grandchildren have brought them to Birmingham more and more. However, they still go to their timeshare in Cabo annually, and their lake house in Georgia several times a year with friends. We also all go to Avalon, NJ every summer to enjoy some quality beach time with my mom's side of the family (always a memorable trip).

So as you can see, he keeps busy! What is most amazing though is how he continues to be such a loving husband, father and grandfather to all of his family! We love you Dad!! Happy Birthday!

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Joy said...

What a sweet birthday post.

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