Friday, March 28, 2008

Did you say....NO?

A couple of weeks ago when Bennett really became mobile with her improved crawling skills, she immediately began pulling up and testing herself in other ways. One of those recent challenges is climbing stairs. She hasn't gotten to the point where that is all she likes to do (thank goodness since we haven't put up the gates yet), but she certainly enjoys it occasionally.

Her favorite game is to take off on the floor for Spencer's water bowl (she likes to play in it), and when I ask her where she is going, she giggles and starts crawling even faster towards it. She has become quite the little stinker lately.

So, tonight after our trip to the zoo, she was busy moving all over the place. She started playing with our bottles of wine in our racks (which she knows is a "no no" but continues to do it anyway). When I tapped her hands and said "no," she started laughing. After reaching for them again and again, we picked her and moved her (trying to distract her from her little game). That's when she started for the stairs. As you can see in this mischievous grin, she knows she isn't supposed to, but who's going to stop her?

Obviously we didn't, since we snapped her climbing them instead. I don't know where she got the head strong personality from, but I have a feeling it is going to cause problems for us down
the road....

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