Saturday, March 22, 2008

Is it really just Saturday?

Yesterday, Steve and I had the day off for Good Friday. It was a beautiful day so we worked in the yard and ran a couple of errands. While Bennett took her longest nap to date (a little over 4 hours), Steve went crazy with his chain saw cutting down every limb or tree along our neighbor's fence line. Since he is working on putting a privacy fence up in our backyard (to cover the ugly chain link fence of our neighbor's), he wants to clear the area.

Last night our friends, Steve and Karen, came over for dinner. We hung out on the deck and caught up. They have been so busy traveling we haven't been able to spend much time with them lately. After several margaritas (by all of them), they headed home and we hit the hay.

So today when we awoke, we were confused that it was just Saturday and not Sunday. We went out to breakfast and came back and starting planting some of our spring flowers. Bennett, Spencer and I went for a walk - and it was still only noon! As we sat on the back deck deciding what to tackle next, Bennett was crawling around exploring. She is so happy that she is more independent, so I took a couple photos. What a weekend!

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