Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Okay, now that it is officially Easter - Happy Easter! This is a photo of us outside of church today, in front of a cross filled with flowers that everyone brings and sticks on it (it is just lovely).
We are headed to Steve's parents for a late lunch with his family and then we're going to try and tackle more yardwork. We are making progress with the fence, and we have planted some of our spring flowers (pray the weather stays warmer).

Coincidentally, today is Bennett's 10 month birthday. Two more months until she is one!!


Courtney & Dave Long said...

happy easter! the cross of flowers is beautiful - i wish we could have seen it. i love bennett's dress. so cute! you don't look like you're showing at all yet!

take care.

Dave Long said...

I know my wife already commented but I wanted to say that I enjoy keeping up with ya'll and look forward to seeing everyone soon.