Friday, March 28, 2008

A Trip to the Zoo!

Today, Bennett and I made our first trip to the Birmingham Zoo. Since I left work early to meet the rest of our playgroup there, we didn't have much time to check out all of the areas. However, we did make it through the children's area, which mainly consists of various farm animals. Bennett was definitely interested in seeing all of the animals, but she wanted nothing to do with getting up close and personal (unlike some of her friends, as you can see here).
However, Bennett and Caroline were big fans of the fish and turtles. They both enjoyed looking in the large tank and stretching their legs some. I guess the big plate glass was a nice barrier for them.

Since our zoo offers annual memberships for those that plan to visit more often, we bought one for our family. Now we can go back anytime for free - what a wonderful idea since young children don't have long attention spans anyway!

The next time we go, we are definitely going to check out the monkeys and other African animals. They even are offering camel rides for the next couple of months, which could be stinky, yet fun!

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