Monday, April 14, 2008

Sans Bennett

I apologize for our lack of posts recently, but we have been busy around here. After recovering from the flu, we had to go back to work. Once in our weekly routine, there isn't too much to report. However, we do have some exciting future plans....Steve and I are going on our first trip sans Bennett! It is hard to believe that we are going to be celebrating our 2nd anniversary in one short week. For our first anniversary, we were going to celebrate in Las Vegas. However, I spent several days in the hospital on bedrest due to my pregnancy with Bennett a couple of weeks beforehand, so my doctor forbid us from going. Fortunately we aren't as far along with this pregnancy and everything is going well, so we don't anticipate anything stopping us from our first trip alone since having Bennett.

Now don't get me wrong...leaving Bennett for 5 days will NOT be easy for either of us. But some time apart from our precious little girl will be good for all of us. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? What will make leaving Bennett easier, is knowing that she will be in good hands. My mother is coming down to care for her for the first half of our trip, and then she is spending a few days with Steve's parents. Since they care for her three days a week already, her transition there should be easy. However, the distance of my parents from us presents a challenge for them to see her as often as they would like. They have made a good effort to visit every month or two, but as those with little ones know....they change so quickly.

So, I have written out our daily routine, what Bennett likes and dislikes, and tried to offer suggestions of things that they can do while we are away. I know my mother won't have any problems, but being in a foreign city with her granddaughter that is now mobile will present some new challenges. I know she is up for them though, and I'll be happy to report all about them when we return!

We leave Wednesday morning, so bear with me another week, and then I'll be full of stories and new photos!

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