Wednesday, May 14, 2008

21 Weeks!

Today we met with our OB and had an ultrasound to make sure that everything is progressing the way it should be. Thankfully, it all looked great! All of the baby's organs looked perfect, and he/she was very active in the womb. The ultrasound technician took this 4-D photo of the baby, and like Bennett, the baby was shy. As seen here, the arms are up around the face, covering his/her eyes. Currently the baby is very comfortable, all stretched out in my belly sideways.

It is hard to tell who the baby looks like at this point, and what gender it is, but cast your vote on our poll (left side). It appears that there is an overwhelming thought it is a girl right now.

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Joy said...

How amazing and wonderful!I think I can see Bennett's cute little nose in that picture.
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