Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Almost 1 year old...

Saturday night we honored Bennett's 1st birthday with all of our family (except Uncle Dan). Even though it is a few days before her actual birthday (May 23rd), we celebrated and she had a great time! We had gone to Do Dah Day that morning in hopes of tiring Bennett (and the dogs) out, but my dreams of her taking a 3 hour nap quickly faded when it took her over an hour to fall asleep once we got home. With less than a 2 hour nap, she still managed to hang in there with everyone, and remain in a good mood. Brian, Shannon and Christian were among the first to arrive. The kids had fun playing together, but Christian is still learning the concept of "sharing." My father had brought Christian a little toy semi-truck with a detachable trailer, that they both enjoyed. Since it broke down into two parts, they played nicely for the most part, as long as each of them had one of the pieces. As the rest of the guests began to arrive, the chaos and noise began. Since it was a gorgeous day, some people congregated outside, while others were inside. We had a slideshow of Bennett's first year playing on inside, which of course we just love. Seeing her as an infant and how much she has changed and turned into a little girl is so fun for us.

After dinner, we had everyone gather in the living room so we could thank them for coming and being apart of her life. It was at this time that we decided to share what we are having for #2. I know I caught everyone off guard, and Steve was there recording the whole thing. After Brian and Shannon found out last week, we couldn't take the suspense of another 19 weeks of not knowing. So, I apologize for lying to each of you in one of my previous blogs, and to the rest of our family. We did find out last Wednesday at our ultrasound, but decided it would be more fun to tell everyone in person at the party than over the phone. So, we spilled the beans...and everyone was VERY excited, except Michelle (my sister-in-law). She really wanted us to wait and not spoil the fun.

Anyway, Bennett didn't understand the excitement in the room, but was anxious to tear into her presents. Of course the first gift she eyed was a stuffed Minnie Mouse animal from her cousins Cathy, Brian and BJ. Since she loves her stuffed animals, she went straight for that. Then it was off to her new pink and purple car from her Mimi and Papa. Though she liked honking the horn, her legs aren't quite long enough to reach the floor yet. However, I don't imagine it will be much longer before she can scoot around on it outside. She also enjoyed taking the tissue paper out of the gift bags that contained her own baby dolls, stroller, book, puzzles and a variety of bath/swim toys, including a baby pool! I think she was quite excited, and a little overwhelmed with all of the new goods. Thank you to all of our family for the wonderful items!
We finally let Bennett enjoy her cake outside on the deck. We have been singing "Happy Birthday" to her for a couple of weeks, hoping that it would make her smile and feel comfortable even though there would be more people singing to her. However, the practice did not prove to help much. She was upset about getting strapped into her highchair, and then she didn't know what to do with the cake. She eventually stuck her fingers in it, but being the little girl that she is, she didn't know what to do after that. So I had to get a fork and feed her for her to enjoy the cake, which she did.

Overall, I think she (and the rest of us) enjoyed the night. It was fun being with all of our family and thinking back on how quickly the year has passed. We shared some different memories, but overall counted our blessings. Steve and I are so fortunate to have a happy, healthy little girl that is loved by so many!

Happy 1st Birthday Angel!


Dave Long said...

Yea! Happy (almost) Birthday Bennett!! Can you believe how much work goes into a 1-year-old's birthday party? We couldn't either but it was all worth it. Courtney promises that subsequent birthdays will not be so lavish but I don't know if I believe her.....

Courtney Long said...

lavish? lavish? hahaha... that wasn't lavish. silly boy. ; )

love bennett's little dress! she's such a beautiful little girl! that's so exciting about having a baby boy! congrats!