Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bennett and Me

Yesterday was just terrific...Steve and I awoke well-rested and Bennett woke up in a great mood and not as congested (she has had a cold the past few days with the beginning of an inner ear infection). We sat outside on the deck, enjoyed the beautiful peaceful morning over a warm cup of java, and just chatted. At nine we met Brian and Christian at the zoo (leaving Steve behind to work on the fence). We had fun exploring all of the exhibits and checking out a variety of animals. Christian is at the perfect age to enjoy the zoo, and admired all of the animals. He even said "bye-bye" each time we headed off to the next cage. It was so sweet seeing him take it all in. Bennett is still a little young, but she certainly liked seeing those animals that were active, and getting out of her stroller occasionally to stretch her legs.
After a couple of hours there, we headed back home to see what progress Daddy had made with the fence. You may have heard me talk about it before, but he has taken on the challenge of fencing in our entire backyard with a new privacy fence. Being an engineer at heart, he is quite the perfectionist so he has had the survey out making sure the fence is on our property, and that it is straight and level. Now don't get me wrong, I love the fact that he is like this. It is just that this (along with the fact that the weather has been very hit and miss the past few weekends) has caused him to not make as much headway as I thought he would have by now. However, he was dedicated to working on it yesterday, and got one WHOLE side done!! Only two more to go and the gate now!

All of this time that Steve spent outside on Saturday allowed Bennett and I to play together. She was a very busy little girl, climbing on her new chair (that she was supposed to get for her first birthday), going through my purse, and then pooping herself out and taking a 3.5 hour nap!

As you can see her here, she is thinking hard about what she wants in my purse (the tongue hanging out is a sign of her deep thought). Little does she know as she tries to open my wallet that I only have my signature $2 in there...not much to shop with honey. She had fun nonetheless.

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