Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Halfway there...finally!

I feel like I have been pregnant for the past two years of my life. Of course I know this is an exaggeration, but with Bennett, and then nursing, and now this has been close. Since we found out we were expecting when I was only 4 weeks along, these past 16 weeks have really gone slowly. And to top it off, I look and feel like I did when I was almost 7 months pregnant with Bennett!

I have heard other moms say that your body just accepts the new pregnancy easily, and your skin is more elastic the second time so you "pop out" sooner, but come on!! At this rate I will be a house when September 25th arrives (yes...that is soooo far away)! So, word to the wise, if you see me anytime soon, don't ask me when I am due, or say anything about my weight because I might tear you apart. I am quite sensitive these days because I am already in maternity clothes, and I have another 4.5 months to go!!

However, I know the end result is worth it, so don't think I am unappreciative of this miracle inside of me. We couldn't be happier that things are going well, and he/she is growing like he/she should be. Our ultrasound is next week, so we are anxious to verify that the baby is perfect and growing like he/she should be. Of course, this is the time where we could find out the gender of the baby, but we have once again elected to wait until delivery. We initially thought we would find out, and maybe just keep it a secret from all of you. However, I knew that I would slip up sometime, so we are just going to wait.

I know how that drives many of you crazy, so just read my sister-in-law's blog for all of their updates since they plan to find out what they are having. Stay tuned for more updates...


Courtney Long said...

you look great, and seriously that baby bump is still pretty small - but oh so cute!!

Jeff and Lindsey said...

Julie-It's so true about popping out sooner the second time around. I wasn't emotionally prepared for that either! HA! You look great, so don't worry! I wish ya'll were finding out, but I guess I'll wait for my text message that day to find out the news!! :-)