Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Bennett!!

My birthday message to my angel...I can't believe how quickly this past year has passed! It seems like just a few weeks ago that we were going in for a check-up with the doctor. Since we had been in and out of the hospital and on bedrest, we knew there was a chance that you would be making your first appearance, so we took our last "belly shot" and headed to the doctor. After the ultrasound, the doctor said that she was going to take you out that day. Of course we were shocked and couldn't believe that you were finally coming, but we had several hours to take it all in and decide on your name. We were pretty confident you were going to be a girl, though we wouldn't know for sure until later that day. Since Nene was already in town, helping me buy your last minute items, we let her and your Mimi and Papa know right away. Then we called Poppy since he wasn't in Birmingham yet, we needed to make sure that he could catch the next flight down. Uncles Louis and Brian, along with Aunt Michelle and Aunt Shannon, were in town and ready to be at the hospital for your arrival with all of your cousins...they took over the waiting room!

Since you were breech in my belly, with low amniotic fluid, our doctor had to take you via c-section, which worked out quite well with mommy! We just got all prepped and then within minutes - there you were! When they announced "it's a girl" we each said "I knew it!" You were born at 4:21 pm (and the only reason I can remember that is because we asked the doctor if we could write 4:22 on your birth certificate since that was our anniversary date...she said no). Of course you were just perfect...a full head of dark hair and huge blue eyes! You were so alert from the beginning and just as gorgeous as we could have imagined.

Daddy was excited to bring you to the window to show you off to the family, who was anxious to hear whether you were a girl or boy. There were several teary eyes that day, and the joy just continued.
Once the nurses got you all cleaned up, we headed up to our room. The family was all there ready to meet you, and you were so alert ready to meet them! Though that day will never be forgotten in my mind, I was so exhausted from the whole day and the anesthesia, that I began to get very sleepy. So we asked everyone to leave and come back the next day. Then your Daddy and I just sat there and held you in complete and utter amazement. We couldn't believe that you had finally arrived, and that you were now going to be apart of our lives forever.

We love you angel, and wish you the best birthday ever!


Courtney Long said...

Happy Birthday, Bennett!! I can't believe our babies are a year old!!

Jeff and Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Bennett!! Can you believe she's one? I swear I think the second year flies by even quicker than the first...and I didn't think that was possible!!