Saturday, May 3, 2008

We Love Homewood Day!

Today is "We Love Homewood Day." It was celebrated by a variety of festivities in one of our many parks, along with a parade and a street dance in downtown Edgewood (an area within Homewood). We didn't participate in all of the fun today, but we did take Bennett to her first parade. It was great because it started at the library which is across the street from our house (almost), so we just walked a block to watch it.

It started off with the police and firetrucks, which startled her some. Then our Mayor rode by in the first car and was throwing dog bones, so Spence (who was with us too) got the first "treat." Then the procession of area business owners, congressmen, school bands and cheerleaders came by, all throwing candy to the kids. Since Bennett isn't old enough to run out and grab herself any, Steve and I fought the neighborhood kids for the good stuff! I was pretty excited when someone threw laffy taffy.

After the parade was over, we packed up and headed to a Baron's game (our minor league baseball team). Tonight Steve's company was sponsoring a family night at the game, so we went to eat dinner and mingle some. I have no idea who they were playing or what the score was when we left, but it was a beautiful night and we had fun. Bennett loves to people watch, so she just stared at everyone. Then their mascot came by for photo opportunities, so of course we had to partake. She reached for his tongue and then tried to figure out what/who he was. She wasn't scared, just curious.
Overall it was a big day...and Bennett was up way past her bedtime. She fell asleep on the way home, and was so tuckered out, she didn't fight us at all when we got home and put her in her pj's for bed.

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