Monday, June 16, 2008

The Power of Prayer

This weekend I heard some terrible news regarding one of my oldest friend's mother from Peoria. I heard she had developed cancer. It snuck up on her, like it does so many, and now she is fighting the battle. When I hear heartbreaking news like this, it makes me feel so blessed to have my health and I realize what a true gift it is. So, for those like her and others in her same predicament...let's say a prayer. Today I ask you ALL to add her to your prayer list, and to your church's prayer lists. Her name is Susan Taylor, and because she is a fighter I know she will put up a good one. However, everyone can benefit from the power of prayer, so I ask you for yours.

For more updates on her health and her courageous fight, visit her newly created blog at:

Thank you!

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