Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sizzling Summer

With the 90+ degree heat that we have been having, the Mizeranys have been couped up inside, or at the pool! Speaking especially for this pregnant is ridiculously hot! Though the idea of summer always sounds nice, I really don't like this season because of the humidity and heat (remind me of this if I complain in January). However, we are trying to stay busy.

We continue to practice walking with Bennett. She doesn't trust herself to take off yet, though I know she could do it. We walk her all over the house while she holds onto one finger, which offers her little to no support. Since we are heading to Avalon beach in a couple of weeks, we really want her to be more mobile. With over 20 people in my cousin's house (where we spend the majority of our time and all of our meals), it is just not safe to have her crawling around. Though I assume she'll still be wobbly if walking, at least she'll be upright and we won't have fingers to worry about stepping on all week.

Bennett is continuing to grow into quite the ham. She now has almost four teeth, with a fifth one starting to break through up top, and she loves to show off her pearly whites. She is also "talking" quite a bit. Though most words are still unintelligible, she can say dada, mama (though never to me), hi, yeah, dog and "what tat." She continues her exploring in the house, and testing our limits. She is usually very kind and loving to Spence, but not always to us. This sweet little baby spits! We used to think it was cute when she would "blow bubbles." However this has grown very old with the force that she now has behind it, causing us all to become wet with her efforts. Though all of that is quickly forgotten when she gives us hugs and her infamous open mouth kisses!
Moving along to baby #2, I am officially 25 weeks now. Instead of counting towards the 40 week milestone, I have decided to count down how many weeks I have left (it feels like less to me for some reason). So, because I am hoping that I will be induced a week early, I have 14 weeks to go! I went in for my monthly exam yesterday and thankfully passed the glucose test, yet they found me to be anemic. Thank goodness I have something to blame my exhaustion on! Now with the iron supplements I will be taking, hopefully my energy level will improve. This son of ours is quite active, he really kicks the majority of my day, so I know he has been sucking it out of me. Otherwise, everything continues to go smoothly with this pregnancy and all of us!

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