Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy 50th Anniversary Myra & Big Lou!

WOW...50 years of marriage....that is a LOOOONG time!! However, Myra and Big Lou have surpassed all of the odds and have had a long, happy and healthy marriage! Last night we celebrated by helping coordinate a big party for them with all of their friends and family. People came from near and far to offer them their well wishes for many more happy years. It was a great time, and memories were recalled in several ways.

At the entrance, we had a guest book and Myra's wedding dress and veil on display along with the receipt for their first pieces of furniture they bought as a young married couple (their mattress & box springs were only $60!). Then we had another table full of family photos through the years, as well as their wedding album. The anniversary cake even used the cake topper they used 50 years ago on their wedding cake! Lastly, we played a video of pictures taken through the years.

It was a very nice affair that started with the father of the church blessing their marriage. They didn't want to renew their vows, as they felt that they had done something right for the past 50 years, but no one can turn down a blessing for more happiness and health in their future. Then he blessed the food and the fun officially began.

Everyone ate while we played the video, and then the band started. Bennett was the first one on the dance floor...getting her groove on. She had a memorable "first dance" with her Daddy, and then she butted into her Mimi and Papa's dance (not wanting to be left out). She loves to bop to music so she enjoyed exerting her energy that way all night.

Bennett did surprisingly well throughout the night, even though she was up way past her bedtime (2 hours past). She let just about anyone hold her, and she loved the attention from all of the young girls there. Of course her cousins, Sara and Maria helped a great deal, but then there were others who wanted to help, and she didn't mind. It was nice for us too, so we could get around and mingle with everyone.

Overall, I know that Myra and Big Lou had a great time, as I believe all of the guests did. Any excuse to gather friends and family usually turns into fun, and last night was no exception. So, I thank Louis & Michelle, Dan and Steve (on behalf of Myra & Louie) for planning a great party! There is no replacement for family!

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