Sunday, July 20, 2008

Zoo Time

Yesterday morning Bennett and I went to the Birmingham Zoo again with Brian and Christian. In order to beat the heat, we went as soon as they opened at 9am. Though everyone else seemed okay, I was sweating like a pig. With this extra weight (and my normal sweating issues), I was extremely sensitive to the heat. The sweat was literally dripping from my hair, but I hung in there for a couple of hours as we explored some of new exhibits of the zoo.

Now that Bennett is walking, she is much more interested in exploring things on her own. She got a big kick out of the various bird exhibits, and loves pointing at the animals. We hurried around checking out as much as we could before our window was expired with them. Christian loves trains, so we went on a ride around the zoo. I think we all enjoyed the scenery, but I especially loved the breeze.

I also used Christian as an excuse to ride a camel (Bennett was too young). Of course Brian was too worried about stinking, and I wanted to go but needed one of kids to go with me so I didn't look like a pathetic adult riding a camel at the zoo. At first Christian was a little timid, but he ended up just loving it!
We also were lucky enough to see some of the large cats today. The lions were out sunning themselves, and the tiger was walking around his indoor-outdoor "home." Bennett loved him, and since he walked right up the window where we were standing, she got a big kick out of that.
We also fed some fish in one of the ponds and looked at some of the smaller ones in an aquarium. It was so funny because Bennett was up against the glass of this huge aquarium looking at everything when this huge snapping turtle came right up to the glass in front of her. It scared her to death and she backed up so quickly, she would have fallen down had I not caught her. The thing must have been 50+ years old, as he looked almost prehistoric. For some reason the tiger didn't scare her, but this turtle did.
No other fun adventures to report on from this weekend. It was so blazing hot that we spent the majority of our time inside while Daddy worked on the fence.

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