Thursday, August 28, 2008

Girlfriends are Great!

A couple of weeks ago my friend, Jennifer Cousins, invited our close friends to her home for a celebratory brunch before the little guy arrives. It was an excuse for us to gather and catch up, but also to discuss how different my life is going to be in a month with two young ones.
Brunch was delicious, with a yummy breakfast casserole, grape salad, biscuits and very cheesy grits (that even I enjoyed)!! In true Jennifer fashion, she thought of everything, from mimosas, to flower arrangements, to petit fours with little blue booties. It was a delightful way to spend an early Sunday afternoon!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Boy, Oh Boy!

As you all know, the final countdown is on....3 weeks from today! Yesterday we were at the doctor for yet another ultrasound and appointment. They estimated him weighing 6lbs 14 oz (already a whole pound heavier than a week ago, and than Bennett when she was born)! He is actually measuring a week older than what he is (if they are correct), so I am starting to wonder how much he is really going to weigh on Sept 17th.

For those who want to see something gross...keep reading. I am going to post the progression of my growing tummy.

(20 weeks along)

(27 weeks along)

(30 weeks along)

(35 weeks along)

Can you believe it will keep growing??

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Recently we blew some bubbles in front of Bennett. I don't know why it look me so long to show her these, but it was so sweet when we first did. She just stared at them in amazement. The beauty of her innocence was so darling that we had to share it with you all.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Things just really seem to be coming together lately! Today I heard that Bennett got into the Parent's Day Out (PDO) program at our church. I signed her up back in January, but she was wait-listed (even though we attend church there). However, today we were accepted, and she will begin the week before our little guy arrives (what great timing).

Though she will only go from 9-1 one day a week, it will assure her and her brother the ability to get in every year going forward (which is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders). Since our church offers a very good program, we feel quite fortunate. In addition, it is so close to our home so it will be convenient and easy to get her there.

We are hoping that the experience will keep her socialized (though I feel she is pretty adjusted in that department), as well as learning to share. In addition, the past few months she has really grown interested in her books and trying to talk, so perhaps the program will help develop those skills even further.

As I was reading through the PDO manual though I became a little worried since she will need to have a lunch packed daily which can not include anything that needs to be heated. Since most of her main courses need to be heated, I realized that I need to re-introduce sandwiches to her over the next few weeks. I have tried a couple of times, neither of which were successful. Other mommies out you have other ideas for healthy lunch alternatives? Of course cut fruit and crackers can be included, but I need more ideas than just that.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lil Man Growing!

Well today I went in for my 35 week check-up (only 4 weeks to go)! Everything went smoothly, even though my doctor declined taking him any earlier than Sept 17th. I asked for her prediction of his birth weight and she thinks he'll weigh around 6.5 lbs. However, I had an ultrasound and the technician estimated he weighed 5 lbs 11 oz now, and predicts he'll grow to 7.5 lbs by delivery. So, at least we have a range that is average.

As always he was active and healthy, and my fluids continue to look good. However, my doctor is cautious, so she would like for me to have an ultrasound every week just to make sure. In addition, I was hooked up to a fetal monitor today for 20 minutes while they watched his heart rate and counted contractions (I didn't have any). Overall, things continue to look good for this little guy.

Though time is practically standing still for me, I know that the next 4 weeks will be here before I know it. We have almost knocked out our entire to do list, so I am feeling good and organized. I just need to decide on a double jogger. I can't decide if I want to get one that accommodates an infant right away, but would be one child in front of the other (I am afraid whoever is stuck in the back will grow bored on the stroller rides), or if I should just suck it up and wait until he has good neck strength and go for a side by side jogger in several months. Any moms with two kids that have an opinion on this...feel free to share. If I buy one right away, the stroller that seems to get good reviews from other moms, is somewhat lightweight and folds flat is the Phil and Ted's Double Seat Jogger. It looks great, but I just can't decide.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Two Pals

Since Bennett started walking, Spencer's relaxing life of sleeping on the sofa is over. Bennett constantly torments the poor dog by pulling on his tail, "petting" him, screaming when he is asleep, and lately throwing toys at him. We have tried to teach her to be nice to him, but sometimes she just doesn't get it. Thankfully the dog is patient, but when he has had enough he hops down and goes into another room to escape her.

However, there are times when they just love each other. Like when Bennett is eating...Spencer is her best friend and he just sits below her highchair waiting for anything that she throws over. He also is still quite playful for being almost 8 yrs old, and he enjoys it when someone tosses him his rope (which Bennett loves to do). But most recently they have enjoyed playing with one of those super bouncy balls together. It is just the perfect size for Bennett to palm, and she loves the way she barely drops it and it bounces over her head. Spence loves the fact that he can't predict where the ball is going to go next and he just loves to chase it. The past few days (since we just got it) this has provided countless laughs for all of us.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Me Want Pizza!

Bennett is back to her old self, and her appetite is in full force again. This evening she was hanging from the fridge doors crying real tears. This has become somewhat of a common occurrence lately, but when we open it up she doesn't really know what she wants. I think she has just figured out that food and her "ba-ba's" come from there, so she wants in!

Tonight as I was "preparing" our dinner (aka...cutting our frozen pizza that we heated), she was bawling her eyes out. I thought that she was just putting on a show, but when I put her in her highchair in front of a plate of cut up pizza, the tears magically disappeared! In fact, she cleaned her plate! I guess she was hungry! Her new favorites words are "all done" when she finishes her bottle or whatever is on her plate, so she was happy to state that. I gave her a few more pieces, but then she lost interest about halfway through and started feeding Spencer (a sign that she is definitely all done).

As she is becoming more independent with her eating habits, I am trying to loosen my nervousness of seeing her just filthy. At one point tonight she wiped her pizza sauce covered hands through her hair (I had to look away). Thankfully she likes to wash her hands and bathtime was just around the corner, so I didn't freak too much. Steve thinks I am just ridiculous, and headed for a rude awakening in a year when we have two kids under 2 yrs old eating. I guess we'll find out soon enough....

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Summer Doldrums

The past few days have been a little trying at times as Bennett is fighting a fever virus. Thursday afternoon she awoke from a nap with a 103 fever, but after some Motrin appeared to be doing better. So I fed her some spaghetti and we played with Spencer before going to bed. Friday morning Steve went up to get her, and she and her entire crib (along with her blanket, lovey and stuffed animals) were covered in vomit! It was so disgusting, yet I felt so sorry for our little angel. In addition her fever was back in full force. So we gave her more Motrin, gave her a bath and began doing laundry. Thankfully Shirley came that day to help finish the clean-up process so we could head off to work. After another phone call to the doctor, we were told to come in and have her looked at by the doctor. Steve was kind enough to take off the afternoon to accompany her to the doctor and stay with her afterward (since we let Shirley go home early). She still weighed in at 22 lbs 7 oz, so the child isn't suffering too much. However, the past two days have really taken a toll on her, as she is only drinking bottles and eating one meal (today it was yogurt and some fruit). We were told not to worry, so we are trying to make sure she just stays hydrated. Today she took a 4.5 hour nap....and she awoke without a fever and acting pretty chipper. I think she is rounding the corner, but since it is a virus, we are avoiding the church nursery tomorrow so we don't get other kids sick.

Meanwhile, Steve has made HUGE progress with our fence! In addition he cut down a couple small trees along the fence line. Tomorrow he plans to finish the right side of the fence, cut and haul the limbs from the trees to the street and cut the grass. Unfortunately, we have an empty house behind us that has wisteria that is overtaking their chain link fence and climbing into our yard. To prevent it from spreading to the fence that we'll eventually put up next to it, Steve sprayed it with some killer a few days ago, hoping to kill it off slowly. I think tomorrow we're going to try and cut it back from their yard (he's going to hop the fence since no one is living there). Though wisteria can be pretty for a week or two during the summer - that stuff is just a pain in my rear! It is so fast-growing and has just taken over the fence and is attacking one of our trees. It is also starting to take root in the ground and grow from there. Hopefully after a few more hours of lawn maintenance, our backyard will look good. I'll take a photo and post it so you can see his accomplishments. Our plan is to begin doing landscaping this Fall, especially after this baby arrives when I can begin helping in the yard again.

Since today was such a beautiful day without the humidity, I was able to walk Spencer for the first time in over a month! I also helped Steve in the yard for a short period during Bennett's nap. I feel like such a slug when I stay inside all weekend, but I have just been unable to bear the heat with this pregnancy. I must admit it felt great to be outside, and I look forward to the Fall when I can take walks in the morning with the kids (Spence included).

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Whew...what a weekend!

Well, we finally got many of the items checked off of our "to do list" this weekend. Neither of us were looking forward to it, but we both feel better now.

We got Bennett transitioned into her new room, and it went very smoothly (if I can jinx myself). The first night she cried for about 5 minutes when we put her down, but then there was complete silence and she slept through the whole night. Though she always sleeps through the night, she is known to half wake up and cry in her sleep, and we were worried that she would do that and freak out some since she wasn't accustomed to the room. It could still happen, but I think she really likes the set up. We moved all of her things up there, and now just need to hang items on the walls to stimulate her. Since she loves pictures of people she knows (i.e. family), we plan to do a family collage in there. I also, finally, decided on the bedding that I am going to put on her "big girl bed" next Spring. Now that I know the colors, I can begin looking for curtains and other decorative items to bring it all together.

Since we cleaned out the nursery of her items, it made room for our little man's things. I hung up the clothes that I have slowly been buying him, and put away all of those neutral onesies and gowns that I had from Bennett (since I didn't know she was going to be a girl initially). I even started painting the letters of his name so we can hang them above the crib! I don't know why I got the bright idea that I would do this myself, rather than pay someone else, but they actually turned out pretty good (if I must say so myself). Overall, I am quite pleased.

In addition to these items, Bennett and I spent half the day yesterday shopping for new clothes for her and her little brother since Birmingham had a tax-free holiday. Since our 9% tax is quite ridiculous, we were happy to find some items. With the end of season sales, we loaded up on items for next spring and summer. I even got the cutest matching outfit for the two kids - Bennett's is a smocked dress, and the little guy's is a matching john-john with a crab on front....too cute! While we were slaving spending money, Steve was slaving in the 95 degree heat putting up more fence panels. I know you all must think we live on 5 acres for as long as Steve has been working on this fence, but it is a difficult job for one person. The poor guy needs some help, but who wants to help in this heat?

Thankfully we had a more relaxing day today, going to church and lunch. However, we did clean out our deep freezer. We must have had 25 birds that Steve and the guys shot last Fall in there, and I knew we weren't going to be eating them. So, we cleaned it out and made room for all of the other goodies that we are sure to make and buy as Sept 17th approaches. My goal is to have several casseroles and easy items to defrost and cook for those first couple of weeks. Between us cooking and Super Suppers, we now have plenty of room!

Nothing else exciting to report, except for our upcoming doctor's appointment on Tuesday. We officially have 6 weeks and 3 days left!!