Monday, August 11, 2008

Me Want Pizza!

Bennett is back to her old self, and her appetite is in full force again. This evening she was hanging from the fridge doors crying real tears. This has become somewhat of a common occurrence lately, but when we open it up she doesn't really know what she wants. I think she has just figured out that food and her "ba-ba's" come from there, so she wants in!

Tonight as I was "preparing" our dinner (aka...cutting our frozen pizza that we heated), she was bawling her eyes out. I thought that she was just putting on a show, but when I put her in her highchair in front of a plate of cut up pizza, the tears magically disappeared! In fact, she cleaned her plate! I guess she was hungry! Her new favorites words are "all done" when she finishes her bottle or whatever is on her plate, so she was happy to state that. I gave her a few more pieces, but then she lost interest about halfway through and started feeding Spencer (a sign that she is definitely all done).

As she is becoming more independent with her eating habits, I am trying to loosen my nervousness of seeing her just filthy. At one point tonight she wiped her pizza sauce covered hands through her hair (I had to look away). Thankfully she likes to wash her hands and bathtime was just around the corner, so I didn't freak too much. Steve thinks I am just ridiculous, and headed for a rude awakening in a year when we have two kids under 2 yrs old eating. I guess we'll find out soon enough....

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Courtney Long said...

haha. lawson loves his pizza too! we'll have to deliver ya'll some of dave's homemade pizza one night after the baby arrives. what do you like your pie?

btw, im so jealous of that backyard! we hope to put our loft on the market soon, but we're nervous about the slow market.