Saturday, August 9, 2008

Summer Doldrums

The past few days have been a little trying at times as Bennett is fighting a fever virus. Thursday afternoon she awoke from a nap with a 103 fever, but after some Motrin appeared to be doing better. So I fed her some spaghetti and we played with Spencer before going to bed. Friday morning Steve went up to get her, and she and her entire crib (along with her blanket, lovey and stuffed animals) were covered in vomit! It was so disgusting, yet I felt so sorry for our little angel. In addition her fever was back in full force. So we gave her more Motrin, gave her a bath and began doing laundry. Thankfully Shirley came that day to help finish the clean-up process so we could head off to work. After another phone call to the doctor, we were told to come in and have her looked at by the doctor. Steve was kind enough to take off the afternoon to accompany her to the doctor and stay with her afterward (since we let Shirley go home early). She still weighed in at 22 lbs 7 oz, so the child isn't suffering too much. However, the past two days have really taken a toll on her, as she is only drinking bottles and eating one meal (today it was yogurt and some fruit). We were told not to worry, so we are trying to make sure she just stays hydrated. Today she took a 4.5 hour nap....and she awoke without a fever and acting pretty chipper. I think she is rounding the corner, but since it is a virus, we are avoiding the church nursery tomorrow so we don't get other kids sick.

Meanwhile, Steve has made HUGE progress with our fence! In addition he cut down a couple small trees along the fence line. Tomorrow he plans to finish the right side of the fence, cut and haul the limbs from the trees to the street and cut the grass. Unfortunately, we have an empty house behind us that has wisteria that is overtaking their chain link fence and climbing into our yard. To prevent it from spreading to the fence that we'll eventually put up next to it, Steve sprayed it with some killer a few days ago, hoping to kill it off slowly. I think tomorrow we're going to try and cut it back from their yard (he's going to hop the fence since no one is living there). Though wisteria can be pretty for a week or two during the summer - that stuff is just a pain in my rear! It is so fast-growing and has just taken over the fence and is attacking one of our trees. It is also starting to take root in the ground and grow from there. Hopefully after a few more hours of lawn maintenance, our backyard will look good. I'll take a photo and post it so you can see his accomplishments. Our plan is to begin doing landscaping this Fall, especially after this baby arrives when I can begin helping in the yard again.

Since today was such a beautiful day without the humidity, I was able to walk Spencer for the first time in over a month! I also helped Steve in the yard for a short period during Bennett's nap. I feel like such a slug when I stay inside all weekend, but I have just been unable to bear the heat with this pregnancy. I must admit it felt great to be outside, and I look forward to the Fall when I can take walks in the morning with the kids (Spence included).


Jeff and Lindsey said...

Fever Virus must be going around! Anderson had it the night we brought Lydia home! Great timing, huh?? I hope Bennett is on the mend! Poor Steven with that fence...I can't wait to see the finished project. He must feel like he is building the Great Wall of China!

Dave Long said...

Wow. I am verrrry jealous of your back yard. Its beautiful and spacious. Living in the city is nice, but its no place to raise a child. Nice work on the fence, too, Steve. Looks very straight.