Monday, August 18, 2008

Two Pals

Since Bennett started walking, Spencer's relaxing life of sleeping on the sofa is over. Bennett constantly torments the poor dog by pulling on his tail, "petting" him, screaming when he is asleep, and lately throwing toys at him. We have tried to teach her to be nice to him, but sometimes she just doesn't get it. Thankfully the dog is patient, but when he has had enough he hops down and goes into another room to escape her.

However, there are times when they just love each other. Like when Bennett is eating...Spencer is her best friend and he just sits below her highchair waiting for anything that she throws over. He also is still quite playful for being almost 8 yrs old, and he enjoys it when someone tosses him his rope (which Bennett loves to do). But most recently they have enjoyed playing with one of those super bouncy balls together. It is just the perfect size for Bennett to palm, and she loves the way she barely drops it and it bounces over her head. Spence loves the fact that he can't predict where the ball is going to go next and he just loves to chase it. The past few days (since we just got it) this has provided countless laughs for all of us.

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