Sunday, August 3, 2008

Whew...what a weekend!

Well, we finally got many of the items checked off of our "to do list" this weekend. Neither of us were looking forward to it, but we both feel better now.

We got Bennett transitioned into her new room, and it went very smoothly (if I can jinx myself). The first night she cried for about 5 minutes when we put her down, but then there was complete silence and she slept through the whole night. Though she always sleeps through the night, she is known to half wake up and cry in her sleep, and we were worried that she would do that and freak out some since she wasn't accustomed to the room. It could still happen, but I think she really likes the set up. We moved all of her things up there, and now just need to hang items on the walls to stimulate her. Since she loves pictures of people she knows (i.e. family), we plan to do a family collage in there. I also, finally, decided on the bedding that I am going to put on her "big girl bed" next Spring. Now that I know the colors, I can begin looking for curtains and other decorative items to bring it all together.

Since we cleaned out the nursery of her items, it made room for our little man's things. I hung up the clothes that I have slowly been buying him, and put away all of those neutral onesies and gowns that I had from Bennett (since I didn't know she was going to be a girl initially). I even started painting the letters of his name so we can hang them above the crib! I don't know why I got the bright idea that I would do this myself, rather than pay someone else, but they actually turned out pretty good (if I must say so myself). Overall, I am quite pleased.

In addition to these items, Bennett and I spent half the day yesterday shopping for new clothes for her and her little brother since Birmingham had a tax-free holiday. Since our 9% tax is quite ridiculous, we were happy to find some items. With the end of season sales, we loaded up on items for next spring and summer. I even got the cutest matching outfit for the two kids - Bennett's is a smocked dress, and the little guy's is a matching john-john with a crab on front....too cute! While we were slaving spending money, Steve was slaving in the 95 degree heat putting up more fence panels. I know you all must think we live on 5 acres for as long as Steve has been working on this fence, but it is a difficult job for one person. The poor guy needs some help, but who wants to help in this heat?

Thankfully we had a more relaxing day today, going to church and lunch. However, we did clean out our deep freezer. We must have had 25 birds that Steve and the guys shot last Fall in there, and I knew we weren't going to be eating them. So, we cleaned it out and made room for all of the other goodies that we are sure to make and buy as Sept 17th approaches. My goal is to have several casseroles and easy items to defrost and cook for those first couple of weeks. Between us cooking and Super Suppers, we now have plenty of room!

Nothing else exciting to report, except for our upcoming doctor's appointment on Tuesday. We officially have 6 weeks and 3 days left!!

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