Friday, August 22, 2008


Things just really seem to be coming together lately! Today I heard that Bennett got into the Parent's Day Out (PDO) program at our church. I signed her up back in January, but she was wait-listed (even though we attend church there). However, today we were accepted, and she will begin the week before our little guy arrives (what great timing).

Though she will only go from 9-1 one day a week, it will assure her and her brother the ability to get in every year going forward (which is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders). Since our church offers a very good program, we feel quite fortunate. In addition, it is so close to our home so it will be convenient and easy to get her there.

We are hoping that the experience will keep her socialized (though I feel she is pretty adjusted in that department), as well as learning to share. In addition, the past few months she has really grown interested in her books and trying to talk, so perhaps the program will help develop those skills even further.

As I was reading through the PDO manual though I became a little worried since she will need to have a lunch packed daily which can not include anything that needs to be heated. Since most of her main courses need to be heated, I realized that I need to re-introduce sandwiches to her over the next few weeks. I have tried a couple of times, neither of which were successful. Other mommies out you have other ideas for healthy lunch alternatives? Of course cut fruit and crackers can be included, but I need more ideas than just that.

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