Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Farewell Nene!

Today we said goodbye to my mother who has thankfully been here assisting us since the arrival of Preston two weeks ago. It was a bittersweet parting...as I know I will miss her tomorrow morning when I have to awake with Bennett and start caring for both kids by myself all day, but also because I am excited to see if I can do it. Steve and I are anxious to get into a new routine, but it has been a difficult adjustment. I think having children at an older age also adds to the challenge, as I REALLY need my uninterrupted sleep.

Anyway, my mom was a GREAT help to us, caring for Bennett and assisting with Preston in between doing laundry and dishes. It was so nice to see how Bennett was so taken with her too. I think they both enjoyed the bond that was formed, not that there hadn't been one before, but it is harder with the distance. Fortunately, both of my parents will be back next week when my brother, Brian, and Shannon welcome their little girl into this world. So though they will be in town to assist them with Christian, we are looking forward to spending some more time with them too.

We don't know when they will be back after this next visit, as they have already decided to stay in Illinois for Thanksgiving (while we will be staying here). However, if I was a betting woman...I would imagine it will be before Christmas with four grandchildren waiting to see them!

Mom/Nene...THANK YOU for all of your help, time and love these past two weeks! We will all miss you!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sibling Love

Short post, but I couldn't resist sharing this adorable photo of my kids (...that is still weird for me to say).

Preston's First Playdate

Yesterday our friend Lindsey came by while visiting Birmingham. She brought her darling little girl, Lydia, who was born 8.5 weeks ago for us to meet. She was also able to meet young Preston. The two kids were sacked out in their carseats, but we were able to visit for a short bit. We joked about how hard it is to stay on schedule with infants.

You see if one little thing goes wrong, then your whole day can be thrown off. She is pretty adaptable to the changes that arise, but I am still learning.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Dynamics

People kept telling us we wouldn't be parents until we had two kids, and we now know what they mean. The whole dynamics of our lives as we knew it have changed...and of course for the better! We love our newest addition, but are still adapting to all of the changes in our routine. Preston came home with his nights and days confused, so after one night of sleeping every other hour, I made everyone do their best to keep him awake the next day. We evidently did something right because he has been sleeping much better at night the past couple of evenings (even making it 4.5 hours once!). However, the challenging part is acting human the next day with an active 16 month old wanting my attention too. All I can say is thank goodness my mother is here. She has just stepped right in and taken over responsibilities of Bennett. I guess reality will set in once she departs next week.

Speaking of Bennett, she is adapting quite well to her new little brother. Though she still likes to throw things (and it is always unexpectedly), she hasn't tried to be aggressive toward him (yet). She even held him once...though she was very uncomfortable and not sure what was going on.

What I find so incredible though is how much she has just grown up overnight! She isn't our little baby girl anymore, and has literally become a toddler in just a week. She loves the camera, and has learned to say "cheese" when we pull it out. She even can say "Nene" which made my mother very happy. Steve swears she has grown taller in the past week too, but I guess it is all because she just looks so big compared to Preston.

Overall the Mizerany foursome is doing well. So far we have had things pretty easy with my mother here and Steve's parents willing to help out anytime. Then our Sunday school class has stepped in and volunteered to bring us meals almost every night for this and next week (and they have all been yummy!). In addition, my mother is keeping the house straightened since I can't stand a messy house. I was hoping to work some every day, but that hasn't worked out like I wanted...yet. I have to get a schedule, but with the feedings late and in the middle of the night, in addition to early in the morning...it makes it difficult to focus unless I sleep in for a couple of hours. By then it is mid morning and Preston is hungry again. Long story short, after I shower it is practically time for lunch. So as you can see, it is very easy to have much of the day escape without accomplishing much more than showering, eating, feeding the kids and keeping them happy.

Eventually things will get better, but in the meantime I doubt I will be posting as often. In fact it has taken me three days to type this much... So be patient with me, and pray for Preston to sleep through the night at 6 weeks like Bennett!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

John Preston Mizerany

Finally our little guy has arrived, and I must admit that he was worth the wait! John "Preston" blessed us on September 16th at 7:23 AM, and we couldn't be happier! He weighed in at a whopping 8 lbs 5 oz and was 20.5 inches long with some brown hair.

So far things have been going very well...he is a great eater, his digestive system is working well, and he loves to sleep. He also has been visited and cuddled by all of his family...which he loves. I think he has been held most of his life so far, but you can't spoil a newborn, right?

Big sister Bennett was somewhat oblivious to his arrival Tuesday. She barely looked at him, and was much more interested in operating mommy's hospital bed and IV pump. However, yesterday (day 2) she came in and pointed at him, and actually gave him a couple of her signature open mouth kisses. She is otherwise having fun spending time with her Nene and Poppy. She has been spoiled with attention thus far, but we'll see how she reacts once we come home. Only time will tell, but we are optimistic since she is so young.

Day 1

Bennett wanting to push buttons

Bennett kissing her little brother.

We are all doing well, and expected to go home and get settled into our new routine on Friday.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our Only Child...for one more day

Last night my folks arrived to help assist with our upcoming delivery. Today they were going to spend the day with Brian, Shannon and Christian, but our plans changed some. Instead Shannon and Brian spent the afternoon at the hospital while they monitored her contractions and high blood pressure. Once both were under control, she was discharged. In the meantime, we kept Christian. It was the first time in a LONG time that we have spent so much time with him without Brian and Shannon, so it was fun.

Everything started off okay....we set up his train track and started running the trains. However, once Bennett saw the new toy, she decided she wanted to play with it too, but Christian wasn't too excited about sharing. As he kept gathering his trains and saying "mine," she kept being very grabby and tried to snatch his trains. This possessiveness continued for the next several hours. Fortunately Christian has learned to share better than Bennett, so he was much more patient and giving...until it came to his new motorized car.

He just received this new car for his 2nd birthday, and he was showing off his driving skills to Nene and Poppy. Of course Bennett had to be in the middle of things, so when Christian got out to do something else, she hopped right in. Being too little to reach the pedals, or understand how it worked, she just sat there, but that upset Christian terribly (as you can see). Once we snapped the photo, we pulled her out and let him have his car back.

After lunch I put Bennett down for a nap. When I asked Christian if he wanted to take a nap, he started crying (I took that as a "no"). So I left him on the sofa watching TV with his Poppy. After 20 minutes he was asleep next to a very sleepy Poppy, so I sent them both up to bed for a nap. With a couple of hours of peace and quiet, my mom and I read and went to a couple of open houses.

One full day left of being a mommy to only one child, then my life is going to change forever...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sept 16th is THE Day!

As you know, my OB scheduled our c-section for Sept 17th weeks ago, but after numeous complaints from me about sciatic nerve pain and lack of sleep...I convinced her to take him a day or two earlier. Unfortunately the hospital was booked on the 15th, so it was moved up one day to the 16th. Now our little guy will share a birthday with a good friend of ours, Betsy Frederick.

Fortunately my parents were able to change their flights with minimal problems. In fact, now they are arriving on Saturday so we can put them to work around the house (ha ha!). Though we doubt we'll have the whole family there to welcome him immediately after the delivery like we did Bennett, we can't wait to meet him! Since the c-section is scheduled for 7:15 am, we'll have the whole day to welcome guests, and hopefully get some sleep in between.

Though we found out his gender months ago, we never had the 4-D ultrasound to see what he looks like, so we can't wait to see who he resembles. We wonder if he'll look like one of us, or like his sister. We hope he looks like her because I think she is a nice blend of Steve and me. I imagine he'll have a head of hair like Bennett, especially since I have had such terrible heartburn, but who knows...

I guess we will all know soon enough. Stay tuned...

Monday, September 8, 2008

1st Day of "School"

Well today was Bennett's first day of Parent's Day Out, or as we call it around our house...school. Steve and I were both home with her this morning to get her ready, and take a couple of photos. When we had her diaper bag and her own lunch sack packed and loaded into the car, Steve kissed her good-bye and I drove her up to the church. We were given very strict instructions to follow about the carpool line so I was nervous that I would mess something up. However, we arrived on time and everything went smoothly....until it was our turn. Bennett and I were talking about her first day of school and she was happy and clapping, until the door opened and her teacher reached in to grab her out of her carseat. She looked at me with huge eyes and immediately started crying. As I was telling her teacher any last minute tips about her quirks, Bennett was flailing around in sheer panic. As soon as I pulled away, my own tears started to flow. I am sure to a one year old, that was the scariest thing that has ever happened, especially since she has never met her teacher before. So having her mommy approve it probably was extremely confusing and disconcerting to her. It took all of my strength not to call the church all morning long and make sure she was okay, but since we never got that call, I could only assume she calmed down and started to enjoy herself.

When 1pm rolled around, Big Lou and Myra road over there with me to pick her up. They wanted to get the drill down too since they are going to be the primary people taking and picking her up. Fortunately Bennett looked the same and was happy to see us. One of her teachers, Miss Shay, brought her back out and helped buckle her in while we drilled her with questions. They give us a report card for each day, and Bennett's had all smiley faces, so I guess that was a good sign.
All and all...I guess everything went well. Hopefully she is getting settled at her Mimi and Papa's house now with a big ba-ba and getting ready for a long nap!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Football Season Is Here

Disclaimer: this blog post is for all of you Alabama fans (especially my husband and his family)!

This past weekend (Labor Day) we headed to Big Lou and Myra's lake house. But before we made the trip up, we attended my nephew's 2nd birthday party Saturday morning! Since he is into trains right now, the whole party had a "Thomas the Train" theme. Shannon even baked the cake herself and it was the shape of a train (isn't she Betty Crocker?). All of the kids were running inside and out, chasing the dogs and trying to decide whether or not to jump in the kiddie pool (if I can actually call it that since it has a water slide). I think all of the children and parents had an enjoyable time, but in the background the TV was on with college football playing.

With this being the kick-off weekend of the new football season...I think that was a must for the dads at the party. We all chowed on pizza and cake before Christian tore into all of his presents. The party wrapped up around noon, and we headed home to get Spence and finish packing for the weekend.

With all of the excitement from the morning, we expected Bennett to sleep on the way up. However, she crashed in the car before we were out of their neighborhood, and awoke when we got home, and then never slept again until she went to sleep that night. She has never made it through an entire day with only a 30 minute nap, so we were expecting her to be extremely fussy. However, with all of the attention and entertainment, she did fairly well.

She spent the afternoon running around exploring the house and testing her new boundaries. After dinner, we got her dressed in her personalized Alabama jersey for good luck (plus her Dad and Uncle Louie were dressed in AL gear and she wanted to copy).

Since the house was full of excitement as Alabama took the field, we didn't expect it to be quiet enough for her to sleep. However, with only the 30 minute nap under her belt, she was exhausted and slept right through the HUGE win for Alabama!

For my northern friends, Alabama was ranked 24th in the country and was picked to lose against the 9th seated Clemson. However, Coach Nick Saban did some good recruiting because a few of those true freshmen he brought onto the field really gave the fans something to get excited about...the hopes of a good season! With one big win under their belt, hopefully the players will have the confidence for the tough season they have ahead of them. Unfortunately, this is the off year, where they play all of their toughest competitors (except Auburn) on the road. So, though it wasn't planned this way, perhaps having a baby this Fall wasn't such bad planning after all. This way Steve can actually lie on the sofa and hold the little guy every Saturday while Bennett and I spend some quality "girl time" together!