Monday, September 8, 2008

1st Day of "School"

Well today was Bennett's first day of Parent's Day Out, or as we call it around our Steve and I were both home with her this morning to get her ready, and take a couple of photos. When we had her diaper bag and her own lunch sack packed and loaded into the car, Steve kissed her good-bye and I drove her up to the church. We were given very strict instructions to follow about the carpool line so I was nervous that I would mess something up. However, we arrived on time and everything went smoothly....until it was our turn. Bennett and I were talking about her first day of school and she was happy and clapping, until the door opened and her teacher reached in to grab her out of her carseat. She looked at me with huge eyes and immediately started crying. As I was telling her teacher any last minute tips about her quirks, Bennett was flailing around in sheer panic. As soon as I pulled away, my own tears started to flow. I am sure to a one year old, that was the scariest thing that has ever happened, especially since she has never met her teacher before. So having her mommy approve it probably was extremely confusing and disconcerting to her. It took all of my strength not to call the church all morning long and make sure she was okay, but since we never got that call, I could only assume she calmed down and started to enjoy herself.

When 1pm rolled around, Big Lou and Myra road over there with me to pick her up. They wanted to get the drill down too since they are going to be the primary people taking and picking her up. Fortunately Bennett looked the same and was happy to see us. One of her teachers, Miss Shay, brought her back out and helped buckle her in while we drilled her with questions. They give us a report card for each day, and Bennett's had all smiley faces, so I guess that was a good sign.
All and all...I guess everything went well. Hopefully she is getting settled at her Mimi and Papa's house now with a big ba-ba and getting ready for a long nap!


Courtney Long said...

wow - a big day. congrats on making it through! you and bennett look great!

Jeff and Lindsey said...

I keep checking for a post that says you've gone into labor! Bennett looks adorable. She'll adjust to the carpool thing...don't worry Anderson did the same thing at first.