Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Football Season Is Here

Disclaimer: this blog post is for all of you Alabama fans (especially my husband and his family)!

This past weekend (Labor Day) we headed to Big Lou and Myra's lake house. But before we made the trip up, we attended my nephew's 2nd birthday party Saturday morning! Since he is into trains right now, the whole party had a "Thomas the Train" theme. Shannon even baked the cake herself and it was the shape of a train (isn't she Betty Crocker?). All of the kids were running inside and out, chasing the dogs and trying to decide whether or not to jump in the kiddie pool (if I can actually call it that since it has a water slide). I think all of the children and parents had an enjoyable time, but in the background the TV was on with college football playing.

With this being the kick-off weekend of the new football season...I think that was a must for the dads at the party. We all chowed on pizza and cake before Christian tore into all of his presents. The party wrapped up around noon, and we headed home to get Spence and finish packing for the weekend.

With all of the excitement from the morning, we expected Bennett to sleep on the way up. However, she crashed in the car before we were out of their neighborhood, and awoke when we got home, and then never slept again until she went to sleep that night. She has never made it through an entire day with only a 30 minute nap, so we were expecting her to be extremely fussy. However, with all of the attention and entertainment, she did fairly well.

She spent the afternoon running around exploring the house and testing her new boundaries. After dinner, we got her dressed in her personalized Alabama jersey for good luck (plus her Dad and Uncle Louie were dressed in AL gear and she wanted to copy).

Since the house was full of excitement as Alabama took the field, we didn't expect it to be quiet enough for her to sleep. However, with only the 30 minute nap under her belt, she was exhausted and slept right through the HUGE win for Alabama!

For my northern friends, Alabama was ranked 24th in the country and was picked to lose against the 9th seated Clemson. However, Coach Nick Saban did some good recruiting because a few of those true freshmen he brought onto the field really gave the fans something to get excited about...the hopes of a good season! With one big win under their belt, hopefully the players will have the confidence for the tough season they have ahead of them. Unfortunately, this is the off year, where they play all of their toughest competitors (except Auburn) on the road. So, though it wasn't planned this way, perhaps having a baby this Fall wasn't such bad planning after all. This way Steve can actually lie on the sofa and hold the little guy every Saturday while Bennett and I spend some quality "girl time" together!


Courtney Long said...

OMG - she's sooo beautiful!!

Jeff and Lindsey said...

That jersey sure is cute!! I guess little man miz will need his own too...I'll see what I can do about that! ;-)