Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our Only Child...for one more day

Last night my folks arrived to help assist with our upcoming delivery. Today they were going to spend the day with Brian, Shannon and Christian, but our plans changed some. Instead Shannon and Brian spent the afternoon at the hospital while they monitored her contractions and high blood pressure. Once both were under control, she was discharged. In the meantime, we kept Christian. It was the first time in a LONG time that we have spent so much time with him without Brian and Shannon, so it was fun.

Everything started off okay....we set up his train track and started running the trains. However, once Bennett saw the new toy, she decided she wanted to play with it too, but Christian wasn't too excited about sharing. As he kept gathering his trains and saying "mine," she kept being very grabby and tried to snatch his trains. This possessiveness continued for the next several hours. Fortunately Christian has learned to share better than Bennett, so he was much more patient and giving...until it came to his new motorized car.

He just received this new car for his 2nd birthday, and he was showing off his driving skills to Nene and Poppy. Of course Bennett had to be in the middle of things, so when Christian got out to do something else, she hopped right in. Being too little to reach the pedals, or understand how it worked, she just sat there, but that upset Christian terribly (as you can see). Once we snapped the photo, we pulled her out and let him have his car back.

After lunch I put Bennett down for a nap. When I asked Christian if he wanted to take a nap, he started crying (I took that as a "no"). So I left him on the sofa watching TV with his Poppy. After 20 minutes he was asleep next to a very sleepy Poppy, so I sent them both up to bed for a nap. With a couple of hours of peace and quiet, my mom and I read and went to a couple of open houses.

One full day left of being a mommy to only one child, then my life is going to change forever...


Courtney Long said...

haha. cute story. enjoy your day today! good luck tomorrow. little bennett is such a beauty! i love those wisps of hair around her ears!

Jeff and Lindsey said...

Enjoy this day with Bennett. I would have given anything to know my last day with Anderson as an only child would be my last...since she came early and by surprise I didn't really get to savor it and love on him like I would have liked. Can't wait to hear about baby boy!

Dave Long said...

Little Bennet is growing up! Holy Cow she is not a baby anymore. Good luck with everything.