Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Dynamics

People kept telling us we wouldn't be parents until we had two kids, and we now know what they mean. The whole dynamics of our lives as we knew it have changed...and of course for the better! We love our newest addition, but are still adapting to all of the changes in our routine. Preston came home with his nights and days confused, so after one night of sleeping every other hour, I made everyone do their best to keep him awake the next day. We evidently did something right because he has been sleeping much better at night the past couple of evenings (even making it 4.5 hours once!). However, the challenging part is acting human the next day with an active 16 month old wanting my attention too. All I can say is thank goodness my mother is here. She has just stepped right in and taken over responsibilities of Bennett. I guess reality will set in once she departs next week.

Speaking of Bennett, she is adapting quite well to her new little brother. Though she still likes to throw things (and it is always unexpectedly), she hasn't tried to be aggressive toward him (yet). She even held him once...though she was very uncomfortable and not sure what was going on.

What I find so incredible though is how much she has just grown up overnight! She isn't our little baby girl anymore, and has literally become a toddler in just a week. She loves the camera, and has learned to say "cheese" when we pull it out. She even can say "Nene" which made my mother very happy. Steve swears she has grown taller in the past week too, but I guess it is all because she just looks so big compared to Preston.

Overall the Mizerany foursome is doing well. So far we have had things pretty easy with my mother here and Steve's parents willing to help out anytime. Then our Sunday school class has stepped in and volunteered to bring us meals almost every night for this and next week (and they have all been yummy!). In addition, my mother is keeping the house straightened since I can't stand a messy house. I was hoping to work some every day, but that hasn't worked out like I wanted...yet. I have to get a schedule, but with the feedings late and in the middle of the night, in addition to early in the makes it difficult to focus unless I sleep in for a couple of hours. By then it is mid morning and Preston is hungry again. Long story short, after I shower it is practically time for lunch. So as you can see, it is very easy to have much of the day escape without accomplishing much more than showering, eating, feeding the kids and keeping them happy.

Eventually things will get better, but in the meantime I doubt I will be posting as often. In fact it has taken me three days to type this much... So be patient with me, and pray for Preston to sleep through the night at 6 weeks like Bennett!

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