Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Okay, okay...I know it has been forever since I last posted....sorry! We have been busy...creating our new routine, celebrating Steve's 37th birthday (Oct 8th), trying to work from home during this INSANE market and hanging out with my parents before they left for Illinois (again this past weekend). It is still difficult with two little kids, but things have definitely been getting better for us.

I am actually walking the kids most mornings, playing with Bennett before her afternoon nap, tending to Preston and then cooking during their naps for my hard-working husband! I am actually starting to feel quite domesticated, and am enjoying it!

The most challenging part of my day is almost always right after Steve leaves for work when I am watching Bennett and trying to feed Preston. It is as if she knows I am unable to move because that is when she climbs onto the chairs and stands up and then tries to crawl across the glass top table to me. Though she is typically an easy child, she has become quite the little monkey lately. In addition, she loves to test her limits....from turning on the oven (which she learned to do recently), to hitting the dog and shouting "no" at him, to opening up the one cupboard she is allowed to play in and throwing every item onto the kitchen floor....there is always something!

Our one saving grace has been our daily walks. Thankfully Bennett loves to go for stroller rides, and it appears that Preston will too. That is the one time of the day I can count on him to be awake and wide-eyed. One day this past week it rained on and off and we couldn't go for our walk in the morning like we usually do. Not only was Spencer pacing in front of the door, but Bennett kept climbing in and out of her stroller and crying at the front door. It really was pathetic.

As I said before, Preston really likes to be outside too. He still sleeps the majority of the day, but he is always awake when we are outside. He just looks around and takes in the fresh air. For the most part he is a good baby, but he loves to be held and knows when we put him down. All of the books say you can't spoil an infant, but I think we may be. I am trying to break the habit, but it is tough. When he falls asleep in my arms, I don't want to put him down because I love kissing his chubby little cheeks over and over again, and I love to listen to him coo in his sleep. Bennett is still really sweet around him too....always giving him kisses when she leaves or before she goes to bed, and she too loves to hold him.

All and all there is nothing too exciting to report. Again, I apologize for the long delay in posting, and hopefully I will be more diligent about getting photos and stories up in the future! Don't give up on us and keep checking back.

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Jeff and Lindsey said...

I'm glad to know you are hanging in there...after no posts for so long, I was about to call and check on you!! It sounds like everything is going well! I am so glad Bennett is being a great big sister! Oh and Anderson does the same thing when Jeff leaves for work and I am trying to nurse Lydia- they really do know you can't get up to chase them! Ha!!