Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beautiful Saturday

Yesterday, we awoke and started preparing for our first full day away from both kids. We were planning to attend the Alabama-Ole Miss football game in Tuscaloosa, and take in the sunny 70 degree weather! Except at 8:30 am we received a call from Shirley (our nanny) who was unable to come because she was sick. Myra offered to stay back from the game and watch both kids, but we didn't feel it was fair to have her first time watching both kids by herself be for 9 whole hours. So, we started thinking about alternatives....we could stay home and watch the game on TV (stay inside), or we could pack up the kids and go down and tailgate and watch the game outside.

Call us crazy, but we chose the second choice. We packed up the cooler, diaper bags, double stroller, changes of clothes for the kids and hit the road by 10:30. The drive down was pleasant...Preston slept the entire way, and Bennett sang the songs on her favorite CD and then fell asleep for the last hour. Steve looked over at me as we were driving down and asked me if I was happy that we were going and bringing the kids....I told him to ask me when we were on our way home.

As we pulled onto campus, into our saved parking space, both kids awoke. I fed Preston, and Bennett ran to her Uncle Dan and walked around with him for a bit. Steve got the stroller all packed for our walk across campus to another tailgate, and then we were off. We ate a heck of a meal there: shrimp and pork tenderloin sandwiches, had a few cocktails, and then headed back to our usual tailgate. There some of our friends had also saved us a parking spot, so we reparked and got settled in to watch AL beat Ole Miss. Preston was content, and Bennett was making friends. In fact, she ran around so much, she finally tuckered herself out and took an hour nap on a chair there.

The game started off the way we could have hoped, but as we neared the end....Alabama started making mistakes. Before the 4th quarter was even over, Steve suggested that we leave. You see this is what he does when he is upset...he just wanted to leave the campus and listen to the rest of the game on the radio because he was convinced that they were going to lose the game to Ole Miss in the final minutes. I kept telling him to have confidence, but he was silent. Thankfully, AL was able to pull it off in the final minute and half and Steve started talking to us again.

Since we beat the traffic, we made it home in record time and went to bed early (all of us were asleep before 10 pm). All and all it was a perfect day....the weather was great, the kids were well-behaved and Alabama won. What more could we ask for on a Saturday?

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