Saturday, October 25, 2008

Boo at the Zoo

Tonight we went to "Boo at the Zoo"...a family event that the Birmingham Zoo puts on the three weekends before Halloween. It was just packed with people and thankfully we arrived right when it opened because people were parked all the way out of the zoo and down the road to Mountain Brook Village when we left. They decorate along the pathways of the zoo and offer a variety of things for kids: face painting, hayrack rides, haunted train rides, games, spooky carousel rides, etc. Some of the items were for slightly older kids, but Bennett enjoyed herself (and so did we).

They encourage the little ones to dress up and trick or treat at the zoo. So we put Bennett in her costume, not knowing how she would react to be dressed up...and our little monkey did great. She loved looking at herself in the mirror before we left, and once we got there she people watched and took it all in. She did a lot of pointing and staring with her mouth open. We were going to go into the "Planet of the Apes" exhibit where people are dressed up like gorillas and scare people, but the person outside of the door did a test with Bennett, and she failed. She didn't even get the opportunity to say "Boo" before Bennett grabbed me for dear life and was visually shaken. We quickly left for something more low key.

It was cute to see her trick or treat, and she quickly got the hang of it. I guess she is going to take after her mommy with her love of free stuff because Steve said she loved hanging her bag out and watching them drop the goodies in! Though she hasn't had candy before, she loved digging through her bag like she was checking out the merchandise.

Preston slept through most of it, but he awoke at the end for a couple of photo opportunities. They had an Alabama - Auburn photo booth, so we had to partake. Bennett enjoyed the huge blow-up of Big Al (Alabama's mascot). After an hour and half of fun, mommy and daddy had enough of the crowds, so we headed home.

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Courtney Long said...

awww... looks like fun! what a cute monkey! Law has a cold,so I don't think we'll see you in SS tomorrow.