Monday, October 20, 2008

Who Looks Like Who?

When each of our children were born, we primarily heard from Steve's family that the child resembled him, and my family felt that the child looked like me. Of course as we all know, babies change so much, especially over the first few months. I must admit though that I thought Bennett looked like Steve more so when she was first born, but she really looks more like me when I was her age now, but you look for yourself and judge.

When we were pregnant with Preston, we hoped that he would resemble Bennett, but when we first laid eyes on him, we didn't think he did. In fact, we didn't feel that he looked like Bennett at all, and we debated on who he looked like more. What do you think?


Jeff and Lindsey said...

Oh my gosh! I have never seen a clearer pic of babies looking like their parents! Bennett is looking EXACTLY like you esp the one of you with the bow in your hair. And Preston looks just like Steve. You each have a mini me!!

Chelsea said...

Bennett is ABSOLUTELY a mini-me of you, Julie. No question and Preston looks just like Steve. What cuties!

Glad you liked the backpacks. Wyatt gets a compliment on his every time he takes it somewhere and I never have to mark it with his name at the church nursery or gym!

Courtney Long said...

I agree with Jeff and Lindsey, she looks like BOTH of you! Of course, the hair and smile is all you! :)