Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bennett's 1st Haircut

Today Bennett had her first real haircut (the butcher jobs that I have given her at home don't count). I finally caved to cutting some of the curls since her hair has been looking quite limp lately. And since my little darling won't keep a bow, ponytail or pigtails in to keep her hair out of her eyes....I succumbed.

I asked around for places that cater to children, and heard of this place in Mountain Brook. So, I packed up the kids and headed over this morning. The hairdresser got down on her level and talked to her, then put a booster seat in her chair, and I lifted Bennett on it. She immediately wiggled right down. So the hairdresser suggested that I hold her while she cuts her hair. I agreed, but as soon as I sat down with her, Preston started crying in his carseat. So I sat Bennett in the chair by herself, and before she knew what was going on, the hairdresser started cutting. She bribed her with a sucker to keep her there, and all was good for the 5-10 minutes that it took.

The hairdresser said that Bennett was her best "first haircut child" since no tears were shed. A little boy about the same age screamed the entire time he had hair trimmed while we were there, so I feel lucky. So, though I can't be sure that her bangs were cut evenly (you be the judge with this photo to the left), she looks much better, and I know she can see now. After another shower today, some of her curls even reappeared!

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Courtney Long said...

she looks adorable to me! (also, i couldn't help but note the great pic of the hairdresser's tatas, julie! haha!)