Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bennett's Halloween Parade

Friday morning Bennett's Mother Day Out program invited all of the kids to attend their Halloween parade and party (even if you don't typically go on Fridays). So, I dropped Bennett off in her costume so she could get ready to parade around with the other kids. Steve and I didn't want to miss it, so we were there too with our camcorder and camera. Unfortunately many of my photos didn't turn out because of the lighting and movement, so we included this short video.

It really was quite sweet seeing all of the children in their costumes. Some were crying, and some were happy. Of course, many of the older kids ran to the bleachers once they caught sight of their parents, so there was mild chaos. Bennett's class and the younger ones were all in mega strollers, so they had no choice but to ride around. Bennett initially was just taking it all in, looking around with her mouth hanging open. However, then she spotted her daddy who was recording the event (and standing), and her face just lit up when he waved to her. It was so darn cute! I just love the fact that she is a huge daddy's girl!

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Dave Long said...

The wave is precious. She seems to be having the most fun of all the kids in the mega-stroller.