Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008!

I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween. This has always been a fun holiday for me, and one that ranks in my top five. However, having young children makes it SOOO much better (like most things in my life now). Before going out Friday, we took a short video of the kids in their costumes.

I know I might be a little prejudice here, but have you ever seen anything so stinking cute as my little monkey and her banana-dressed brother? I don't know about you, but I think Preston is the cutest little banana of any bunch! Bennett honestly is this sweet every time she holds Pres, and I pray that it lasts.

After a few photos, we headed out for a little trick or treating with both kids and Spencer. It was a gorgeous Fall night, clear and slightly cool. Bennett had a great time sticking out her bag and then peering inside to see what was dropped in. She didn't get afraid, and thoroughly loved the people watching.

One of my friends lives a couple of streets over and was hosting an open house, so we walked over. She lives on a street that blocks off all traffic and is just packed with children trick or treating. All of the families on the street really get into Halloween, decorating their homes, having parties and some even setting up haunted houses. The parents load their wagons with adult beverages, and the kids enjoy their candy (fun for the whole family)!

There were hundreds of children on the street (possibly over a thousand). I had no idea that it would be that crowded, because if I had I would have left Spencer at home! See all of kids around Bennett in the photo below, isn't it crazy?

The chaos of the street party made us depart to a less crowded street where we could actually talk and not get bumped into by people. We finally met up with Steve's brother, Louis, Michelle and John Michael at our friend Max's house. He had every Halloween blow-up possible in his yard, and a big M&M character stuffed with Halloween candy that he was distributing to the kids. Bennett loved the M&M (as you can see), so Louis helped her reach in for some candy of her own.
We had intentions of returning home to pass out candy ourselves, but our evening out lasted longer than we anticipated, and we didn't get home until almost 9 pm (way after Bennett's bedtime). Since we are fairly strict about Bennett eating candy, she only was able to sample two pieces of candy (M&Ms and sweet tarts). Fortunately the lack of sugar made it easy for her to fall asleep that night. Me, on the other hand, chowed on all of my favorites in her bag. I have no control with sweets, so I have to get rid of it (or else I will eat it all)! Did I say how much I like Halloween?

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Dave Long said...

That street party looks like fun, but a little crazy too. I can understand why you wanted to get over a few streets for more traditional trick-or-treating. Love the costumes, too. Very cute. I ate most of Lawson's candy too.