Friday, November 7, 2008

More Changes

This week was another big week for us. I decided to resign from my job and my career that I have had for the past 12 years. It wasn't easy, but I know it was the right decision. Since being at home with my children this maternity leave, things have changed for me. I have loved the time I have spent with my children, and I have realized that the time with them is more valuable than any career. So I pulled the trigger on Tuesday.

This week seems like maternity leave still (since I was only back at work for one day), but I know it will seem more and more like my new job as the weeks pass. I look forward to the daily challenges of running this family and making sure that everything goes smoothly. However, I do plan to work part-time. In fact I have already spoken to a company about doing work from home. I will keep you posted as that develops.

In the meantime, Bennett and I did a little bonding yesterday. After her morning shower, I decided to give her a pedicure. Surprisingly she sat down long enough for me to clip and paint her toenails (and wait for them to dry). She watched patiently while I did the first foot, but grew a little bored with the second foot. Though it wasn't a perfect paint job (since her nails are so small), it is still cute.


Joy said...

Aren't baby feet the sweetest!
Lawson's MeMe

Jeff and Lindsey said...

Julie- I am in complete shock. I guess I didn't even know you were thinking about staying at home! Congrats on the decision. It is often a hard one to make, yet I have never heard anyone say they regretted it! Some days will be long and hard (just like when you were at work)but when you see the reward it is very satisfying! It is quite an adjustment though so cut yourself some slack...there will be times when you feel like a short order cook/ laundry girl, but like I said time spent with them at this stage where they grow so fast is truly priceless.

Jeff and Lindsey said...

Yes...I will call you next time for sure! I would have called you this time, but I thought you were working.