Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Shutout of the Season!

Today marked a day in history.... Alabama finally put an end to the six year streak that Auburn had of beating them, and gave the Tigers a beating in the Bryant-Denny Stadium (which was a first)! Steve and I had the pleasure of attending this monumental game thanks to the Mizeranys for giving us their tickets AND watching our kids all day! Though the weather didn't completely cooperate, we still had a blast.

We dropped off our children (who we decked out in their Alabama gear for good luck), and then left around 10:30 with Louis, Maria and Sara and pulled right into our saved parking space with very little trouble. We then ventured over to the Sheridan Hotel to watch the team walk out and get on the buses. I must admit that I was surprised how short Coach Saben is...he is just a little fellow.

After a few cocktails and some food, we headed into the game to get settled. The stands were packed and the crowd was rowdy! Since Alabama went into this game undefeated and ranked #1 in the country, there was a lot of pressure to perform well and give Auburn a whooping. The tide started off slow, but they eventually just wore the Tigers down and finished up with an incredible 36-0 score!

The highlight for many was singing "Rammer Jammer" at the end, over and over (an AL tradition). The victory was certainly welcomed and the fans were so thrilled that they didn't leave the stands immediately after the game. Instead they lingered and listened to the music and watched some of the players come back out onto the field. Though I have never been a big football fan, I must admit it is wonderful supporting a team that has had such a successful season. It isn't over yet though. In fact, their most difficult game awaits them next week in Atlanta, where they will play Florida (who will most likely be the #2 ranked team) for the SEC Championship. Roll Tide Roll!!


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It was indeed a day of perfection!! Roll Tide!!