Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

All I can say is ....whew! Steve and I were looking forward to coming home Christmas Eve and putting together "Santa's toys" for the kids, but the whole process took MUCH longer than we expected. We got Bennett down to sleep without a problem, but as soon as I started putting together her art easel, Preston started crying and wanted to be held. So as I tended to him, Steve started on her outside playhouse. Neither were difficult, just time-consuming. Finally around 1am we crawled into bed, only to be awakened 5 hours later with Bennett crying. She awoke earlier than usual, so she wasn't in a great mood. We were thinking it would be a long, terrible day, but she brightened up in a hurry once she saw all that Santa left her.

It was truly magical seeing her face light up when she first saw her new kitchen, then her playhouse, then her new table and chairs from Nene and Poppy. It was so overwhelming for her that she wasn't even interested in opening up her stocking gifts.

About mid morning Brian, Shannon and the kids came over. As soon as the whole gang was here, the adults started enjoying the mimosas and the kids tore into more presents. Christian played Santa, handing out everyone's gifts (with some assistance from Brian). Bennett has certainly NEVER seen so much at one time, and was definitely over-stimulated. We held back several gifts (some of which still haven't been opened), so she could just enjoy all that she received. The kids played all morning, and then we all feasted on a deep-fried turkey and several sides. Surprisingly we were able to get both of the older kids down for naps, so we could play a game (Cranium).

Overall we had a terrific day. I know our family felt very blessed to spend the day together. And all of the children certainly entertained us! Just watching them play brought smiles to our faces. We also all stated how much they all look alike, and could pass as siblings. Check out some of my favorite photos from the day.

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Jeff and Lindsey said...

It sounds like your Christmas Eve experience was a lot like ours- Chaotic and Stressful! HA! I love the pics of all the fun presents!!

We are thinking of getting Anderson and Lydia a playhouse like that one for their summer birthdays, so let me know how you like it!