Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

This year we tried to implement a new tradition...going to the family service at our church. They hold two very casual services that are designed especially for families with young children. The kiddos are encouraged to dress as Mary, Joseph, shepherds, angels or manger animals, and become a part of the Nativity story. We figured Bennett was too young, and wouldn't be interested in going on stage (boy were we wrong). She not only felt left out, but eagerly walked up there without any coaxing. She is drawn to older children, so when she saw them going up on stage, she wanted to go as well. So Steve quickly put an angel costume on her and let her go.

At first she walked up there to get a closer look at everyone. But within a minute or two, she was up there talking to other kids and walking all over the stage with another little girl. It was so cute, and I am glad that Steve ran out to the car to grab the camera so we could capture it. Thankfully my parents were there too to witness it. My mother swears that she will become an actress (like her late great-grandmother, Docky).

After the service we headed to Steve's parents for the Mizerany gift exchange. Though this was Bennett's second Christmas, she was too young to appreciate it last year so everyone went overboard with her gifts. John Michael taught her to open presents and with a little assistance, she successfully opened her gifts. She had a big time, unwrapping a shopping cart loaded with play fruit that can be cut, kitchen utensils, and a new baby doll with accessories. She loved it and could have been happy with that for the rest of the night, but there was more. She loved it all, from the cash that she won't appreciate until she is ready to go to college, to the multiple learning toys and books, to the fancy new pink tricycle from her Mimi and was all great!

Preston was pretty happy too....taking in all of the joy of his first Christmas! He too was fortunate to receive some stimulating toys and cash for his college fund. Of course his favorite part was being held by all of the family.

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