Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Parade

Yesterday morning we bundled the kids up and walked a few blocks to watch Homewood's Christmas Parade. As soon as the parade started, Bennett wanted out of the stroller so she could grab the candy that everyone was throwing. She is a master now since Halloween, and I could swear that she got 2-3 times what she collected then!

The only bad thing was the was pretty chilly. I have not found mittens to cover those little hands of hers yet, so they were so cold. In addition, she had a hard time seeing and moving gracefully in that big coat of hers (think Christmas Story). In fact, she kept tripping on the curb and falling down. Fortunately she didn't
hurt herself.
The parade had a few floats, but mainly groups walking and promoting their causes (like the Humane Society seen here). Spencer was eager to meet some of the other doggies, but we held him back.

Overall, the whole family had fun! After that morning and finishing the outside Christmas decorations today...I think we are finally in the spirit and anxiously awaiting the big holiday in several weeks. I must admit that this is the first Christmas I have looked forward to in over 15 years! Now that Bennett (and her cousin Christian) are finally at an age where seeing what Santa left them under the tree Christmas morning will be changes everything!

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Courtney Long said...

cute pictures of you guys the parade. love that little green jacket! i know what you mean about xmas - i can't wait for Law to open his Elmo. He loves Elmo!