Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holy Weekend

This past weekend was spent in two churches, baptizing our baby...Preston, and my niece...Henley. Saturday afternoon we all met at Brian and Shannon's church to christen Miss Henley Lynn. Steve and I were honored to be chosen to serve as her godparents, so we were apart of her service (and unable to get many photos).

Afterward, they hosted a gathering at their home for everyone. Since the weather has been unseasonably warm, much of the time was spent outdoors. Bennett especially loved playing on Christen's playset.

Sunday, the whole family came to our church to witness John Preston's baptism. It had been a chaotic morning, so his feeding schedule was off, and I knew he would be hungry during the service. Rather than risk him crying before or during the baptism, I had to feed him right when we got to the church. Of course, he didn't want to burp (not good for a child with reflux), so I was worried the entire time that he would spit up on me or one of the ministers. Right when they called us up, he started to fuss some, but he thankfully calmed down with all of the lights, and didn't mind the water blessing. However, the handoff to the other minister for the parade around the church (we sing "Jesus Loves Me" as the babies are walked around the sanctuary and introduced to the congregation) didn't go well and I ended up walking him around. It wasn't part of the tradition, but it will certainly be memorable.

Of course he looked sweet in my grandfather's old christening gown (Papa, my mom's father), but it was a little small. Bennett fit into it perfectly, but Preston's neck was way too big for the button to fasten in the back, so we had to pin it.

Following the service, we invited everyone back to our home for a big brunch and some cocktails. More fun was had with all of the cousins, and more photos were taken...

Sweet kids kissing each other through the glass door.

And the sweetest baby boy of all!!


Jeff and Lindsey said...

Julie and Steven-
Congratulations on sweet Preston's dedication. The pics of your family are all so good! I can't believe you managed to get not just one, but two good pics with everyone looking and smiling! What an accomplishment!

Chelsea said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time with your folks. Isn't it nice having the grandparents around? I'm sure you wish they were closer, like we do with ours.

Great looking family photo of all of you. So fun he could wear the family gown. A fun tradition!