Friday, December 26, 2008

Nene and Poppy and a Sleigh Full of Goodies!

My parents drove down this past Saturday, arriving late afternoon with their car loaded down. They brought both of their dogs, Jake and Winston, a few suitcases for their week long visit, and a mountain of Christmas presents for everyone. Once they got everything in the house, we relaxed on our deck with a couple of cold ones. They left freezing rain and snow for our humid 65 degree weather....not too shabby.

However, I think the happiest to be here was Jake. He is their new Westie that is known for running away every opportunity he gets. So Steve made sure the backyard was secure so we could all relax and let him run some off of a leash. At first he circled every inch of the perimeter twice making sure he couldn't sneak out, but once he realized that he was confined, he started to just take it all in. He loves chasing the squirrels, and barks up a storm (a little too much for my blood, but then he isn't staying forever). Winston and Spence, old friends, had fun playing tug-of-war and just lying side by side. I was a little worried how Jake would be with my kids, but he been pretty tolerant. In return, Bennett has been nice to him, only telling him "no" and "get down" when he begs and jumps on her.

By far, the best part for my folks is spending time with the kids. I know they have enjoyed Bennett's blooming personality and vocabulary, but they were shocked with how much Preston has grown and changed. Though they read the blog religiously, it is hard to really understand how much he weighs and see his little personality through photos and words.

He is so different from Bennett at this age. He can entertain himself in his crib or on his playmat for upwards of 45 minutes! He just loves to kick his legs and "talk," so all of the items that make sounds or play music when he moves keep him happy. We were admiring him kicking in his crib one morning, and Bennett had to get in there too and get a piece of the action.

Pres loves it when we talk to him and is starting to laugh. Since Poppy loves to make silly noises, he just stares at him and tries to figure it all out. When he smiles at you, you can't help not to melt a little. That little guy is so adorable and loving, and I can understand now how little boys can become "mama's boys"...because we spoil them rotten!

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