Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Night in Bethlehem

Tonight Steve and I joined Preston in his acting debut at our church. Preston was baby Jesus, and we were Joseph and Mary in a live nativity scene. Our church put on a huge event for all of the members. They turned the gym into Bethlehem, with little interactive booths for the children to weave, make pottery, sample various herbs, use fake coins to buy cookies and then visit the manger. That is where we were, in addition to a donkey, a miniature horse and a couple of goats.

Since the event lasted two hours, we only participated in one third of the show. We didn't want to violate child labor laws (ha ha), so we rotated with two other couples and their babies. Steve went on first with another woman and her baby (so I could watch Bennett & Preston), then Steve took over watching Bennett when Pres and I took over with another guy as Joseph.

Preston did wonderfully for his 45 minutes! He just laid in his little cradle and cooed at everyone. I think he enjoyed the singers that sung Christmas carols the whole time. It was so special to see the little kids come up and say "Hi baby Jesus." They were all told that was him, and the littlest ones really believed it. In fact there was one little girl who was probably about three years old that just stared at him for minutes. She didn't want to leave, but her grandmother picked her up and carried her out. About 15 minutes later, she was back...talking to him again. This time when she left she hugged "baby Jesus" really was so sweet.

This is going to become an annual event for our church, and being apart of the first one was great. Of course, I thought the cutest Jesus was our little angel.

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The Banta's said...

Looks like you all had a good time. What did Bennett think of the animals?