Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears....Oh My!

Okay, so there weren't lions and bears at the circus; however, there were tigers, zebras, elephants, horses and dogs. Last night Steve and I escorted Miss Bennett to her first circus! Ringling Bros was in town for the weekend, and we didn't want to miss the opportunity to see the circus through her eyes (since neither of us had been in over 25 years). We started talking about it a few days before and everytime she saw the ad on TV she would growl when the tigers appeared. It was so funny, so we were excited to see how she would react.

We arrived a little early for the "pre-show" which wasn't really much of a show, so we got comfortable in our seats. Of course she was much more interested in people watching, especially at the beginning. However, when the animals started to appear, it finally captivated her. Unfortunately, some of the animals performed at the beginning, but not again until the end was near. So with the show beginning at 7:30, poor Bennett was exhausted by intermission. Since the tigers hadn't performed yet, we stuck around.

Though I think she mildly enjoyed seeing them, we regretted it because it was 2 hours past her bedtime by the time we got home. And as all you parents of little ones know, it doesn't matter what time you put them to bed, they always wake up at the same time. So though she was in an okay mood this morning, but late afternoon, she was a bear...whining and crying at the drop of a hat. I guess we learned our lesson....

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