Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Step in the Right Direction for 2009

Twice in the past week Bennett has been successful going potty in the toilet. She has asked to go "tee-tee" or "poopy" a few other times, but was unsuccessful. I know it is too early to get excited and think our child is close to being potty trained, but at least she is taking an interest! To be honest, I think she enjoys the process of washing her hands the most, which is her enticement now.

We talk about potty time all of the time, and she understands the process, so I am hoping that we may be successful early and be potty trained sometime this year. It certainly doesn't hurt that she is the youngest in her class and some of the older kids are training right now too. She is seeing and hearing about it at home and school, so it has to sink in a little. We'll keep you posted, but we wanted to share the exciting news.

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