Friday, January 16, 2009

Freezing in Birmingham!

Today was a chilly 30 degrees here in Birmingham. Since staying inside ALL DAY long with the kids is extremely difficult, we decided to bundle up and head to the McWane Science Center. It is a great interactive museum for children. They have a section that is specifically geared to toddlers with a huge indoor playground that the kids can walk and climb around in. In addition, there is a large water basin that they can play in with various bowls and colanders. Bennett loves water and loves kitchen items, so as soon as she discovered it, I had a difficult time prying her away from it.

When I did, she ventured into another room where there were plastic foods and a cash register. So she played "grocery store" for a bit. We went there with several of our church friends who are all about the same age. They all had a great time! Thankfully Preston did great too. He was as content as he could be since I held him. He just looked around and took it all in, until the very end when he finally tuckered out.

It was a great way to spend the cold morning!

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Chelsea said...

You realize "cold" is a relative term, right? 30 degrees sounds like perfect weather to head to the park for us!