Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Best

We went to church this morning, and this outfit that Preston wore was so stinking cute, I had to share. It is really the way it makes his thighs look. Have you ever seen so many rolls? He literally has rolls on his rolls (both on his legs and arms)!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Playing Dress-Up

As your children grow, you can't help but to think of what they will be like at some future age, when they can do something that they can't do now. When Bennett was almost one year old, and we could tell that she was going to be a little dramatic (okay a lot), we started talking about how fun it will be to see her play make-believe. Over the past few months as her vocabulary has grown, so has her confidence and interest in imitating us. It started off with brushing her own hair, then "cooking" with me in the kitchen, then yelling at Spencer to "sit down," to wearing my shoes around the house.

We had discussed getting her some dress-up clothes for Christmas, but decided that she was too young. However, she really has grown up the past couple of months, so we went ahead with the purchase for a small Valentine's Day gift. Needless to say, she loved them! When she first put everything on, she checked out her "bling" like a grown woman (Steve swears it is just an innate skill for women). She loves her new sparkly tiara, but her shoes are her favorite.

Like most little girls, I think she just enjoys hearing the click of her shoes on the floor. In fact, I can recall wearing my mother's clogs around the house back in the 70s for the same reason! I know she is still young, but I look forward to the days of playing dress up with her!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mercedes Marathon

This morning we got up and headed to Highland Park to watch a portion of the marathon. Our main reason for attending was to support our friend, Sara, who was running the half marathon (her first). It was a little chilly, but we enjoyed the excitement. Though I enjoy running a few miles at a time, I always get pumped up after watching a race, and start getting big ideas that I could actually run a half marathon (or a full one). Then I remind myself of my knees that pop and my toes that are permanently numb and say that

I could never do that. However, we are proud of everyone who can! It is amazing to see the variety of runners, and witness all of the different running styles and paces. We saw an older man and cheered him on, and he yelled back "not too bad for a 72 year old, huh?" Not bad at all!! We were also there when what I presume to be the winner made his second loop (at mile 21). He was still flying and appeared to not be having any difficulty (truly amazing).

Since Bennett loves to people watch, she got a kick out of everyone running by. She even got in the mood some and started running on the sidewalk (away from us of course). We all had fun, and were happy that we got up early. Perhaps next year Steve will run the half....

Friday, February 13, 2009


Our little girl never likes to miss out on an opportunity to bathe...regardless if it is a bath alone, or with her little brother, or even an "shawa" with one of her parents! She is so funny about it too. She asks to bathe often, and just runs into the shower. She usually gets in first and goes straight for the water. In fact, when I get in with her, she is constantly asking me to "move" because she wants to be under the stream of warm water. I tell you...she is a funny little girl.

We hope that her love of water in our home carries over to the pool this summer!

Monday, February 9, 2009

True Siblings

Not all days are as fun and easy as this, but sometimes both kids are in good moods and actually get along with one another. We love this video because Preston is in such a silly mood...laughing at just about anything. And Bennett is being a good big sister, entertaining him and giving him some love. We hope that days like this occur more often!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chucky Cheese

Yesterday Steve had sole custody of the kids for the day, and agreed to take them to Chucky Cheese with Brian and Christian. However, before they departed he snapped a couple of cute photos of the kids playing. Pres just loves his play mat, and has a ritual of playing on it every morning for at least 45 minutes. This is where he recently learned to rollover to his belly. I think he loves the new angle on the world, but the poor guy spits up so often. Unfortunately, we can't always get to him quick enough and he rests his little face back on the mat, right in his puddle of spit up. It is so disgusting, but what can you do?

Anyway, they all bathed and headed to the chaos at Chucky Cheese shortly before lunch. From what I understand, Bennett was having fun playing games until Chucky Cheese (I think that is the mouse's name) walked past her. See the progression of her that Steve was able to catch on film...