Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Best

We went to church this morning, and this outfit that Preston wore was so stinking cute, I had to share. It is really the way it makes his thighs look. Have you ever seen so many rolls? He literally has rolls on his rolls (both on his legs and arms)!


Courtney Long said...

precious pictures! i love those leg rolls! lawson's have all but disappeared (probably bc the child doesn't eat), and i miss them so much!

Chelsea said...

Love those thighs!

These little suits crack me up. I was talking to a friend here the other day and I mentioned something about Wyatt in a "jon jon" when he was little. They had NO IDEA what a jon jon was. None of the girls I was with had ever heard of them. They asked "like a safari suit?". I thought it was so funny since every little boy under the age of 4 is wearing them in the south!