Wednesday, April 22, 2009

3 Blissful Years

Gosh it is hard to believe that Steve and I were married (only) three years ago. We have had such a fulfilling three years and done so much...gave birth to a beautiful little girl, buried a beloved dog, bought a new home, gave birth to happy and handsome little boy and I made a wonderful career move to stay at home with our children! It truly has been a whirlwind, and all in a very good way!

I love you Steve, and I feel
so blessed that you entered my life 5 years ago. Your patience and continual love for me (even when I am not a very nice person) is a testament of the person you are. You are respected by everyone you know, but it is your kindness, humor and intelligence that I love.

I will never forget the day I remember meeting you. At first I just thought you were the funny guy, but over the next several weeks after playing golf with you, sharing drinks with you at the bars, and then dancing with have the best moves...I knew I was falling for you. You are the whole package Miz (yes people, I call my husband my his nickname)!

It has been a wonderful three years and we have two gorgeous children as products of our love for each other. What a great beginning to the road that will lead us over the next 50 years of our lives! Thank you for being so "subtle" with your moves and choosing me to spend the rest of your life with. Happy Anniversary Honey!

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