Monday, April 20, 2009

Dreary Sundays

Yesterday the kids spent the entire day inside...which can make for a VERY long day for them, and whoever is spending the day with them. Since I was at a baby shower for a girl friend that afternoon, it was Steve. This look on Bennett's face pretty much sums up how she felt...BORED! However, I think Steve enjoyed spending a little one on one time with both children, since he has been traveling again and working later hours.

Once I got home, we colored, made dinner and then had fun in the tub! Bennett loves to bathe with her brother, so that is always a special treat for her.

Preston is still "swimming" on the floor, as can be seen here. This picture cracks me up because he recently has "found" his tongue, so he likes to stick it out now, roll it in his mouth, spit, etc. If you are a reader of Lindsey's blog then you'll see loads of photos of her little girl, Lydia, sticking out her tongue like this. Too funny...


courtney said...

beautiful babies. :)

Jeff and Lindsey said...

It appears that Preston and Lydia are just bound to be soulmates! HA!! Very cute!