Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter - 2009!

We have been fortunate to be around our family for the past week, celebrating Easter daily since Wednesday! It all started with Bennett's Easter party at school and then her very first Easter egg hunt. It was great because she was able to have her Nene and Poppy watch her "hunt" for the eggs that were so strategically placed. She quickly grasped the concept and started racing around her playground picking up eggs. It wasn't until we were finished when she saw some of the other kids opening up their eggs that she figured out there were goodies inside!

Thursday she enjoyed a fun day with her Nene and Poppy at the zoo! She really likes animals, so she was excited to see them all. Unfortunately they had bad luck, with several exhibits closed, and many of the animals sleeping. I honestly think Nene and Poppy were more upset than she was. She just enjoyed the outing and the special treats that they gave her at the zoo (a shared ice cream cone with Poppy and an entire box of animal crackers for herself)! It was so cute because when she came home I asked her what she saw, and she said in her sweet little voice "awligadoors" and then squealed. She is talking more and more, and is a happier child now that she can express herself more easily.

Friday we painted her first batch of Easter eggs with Nene and Poppy. Since she is known to be clumsy (and I am anal about dirty clothes), we stripped her down to her diaper for the experience. I am thankful we did too, because Daddy and Nene got stains on their hands and shirts from the dye. Bennett loved dipping the eggs, but of course wanted complete control over them all, so there was no creative dyework like Steve was hoping. But that is okay, it is about the kids, right? She also got to open her Easter basket from Nene and Poppy (since they were

leaving to go to Brian and Shannon's for the rest of the weekend). She was ecstatic to see more candy and then her first washable markers. She loves to color, so she immediately wanted to break in her new coloring books. Thankfully she is somewhat obsessive-compulsive, so when we told her to put the caps on the markers after she used them, she agreed. She opens one up, colors with it, and quickly puts the cap on it before using the next marker (I love it!).

Saturday, we did another Easter egg hunt in Mountain Brook. It was a chilly morning, but we thought it would be a fun way to spend 30 minutes. Thankfully they let the 3 and under crowd get a headstart because they allowed children up to age 10 to find the eggs (more like grab them up and knock every unstable toddler to the ground in the process). I thought she would really enjoy it again since she had done it once before, but the Easter bunny was there and she was very cautious around him, constantly keeping an eye on his whereabouts (as seen in this photo). She is just petrified of him, and didn't want him near her. She doesn't cry when she sees him, she just likes to admire him from afar. After her afternoon nap, her cousins Maria, Sara and John Michael, came over to help her hunt for more Easter eggs in our backyard. She had a good time running around, and had an even
better time eating the candy in the eggs. I swear she has never had so many sweets in her lifetime! It is so bad too, because we have really created a little monster...she LOVES candy now!

This morning we did our mad rush to make church on time. It is always chaotic in the morning, but once we are there, it is nice. Of course, this being Easter Sunday, it was just packed! As is the tradition at our church, we had a family photo taken in front of the flower packed cross. It is a gorgeous day, so we went to lunch as a family and then brought the kids home for their afternoon naps. Tonight we are going to dinner at a neighbor's home (a family that we met at our nearby park). They have two young daughters, so it should be a good time!

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Chelsea said...

What a beautiful family photo. Plastic eggs seem to be a staple at Easter celebrations these days. How nice to see that there are some traditionalists left out there who still do it the old fashioned way! I loved coloring eggs as a kid.